45 years of experience in pet sector...


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TISERT has been growing in pet industry continuously in an efficient, effective and sustainable manner thanks to its experience in adopting quality as a company philosophy, committing to change and expanding collaborations. In order to meet all the expectations of customers in terms of goods and services in world standards, aims always the results with the highest value, grounding on the creativity and productivity and working for the ultimate leadership and pioneering.

Today TISERT has 4 different business units:

1. Production of plastic accessories for pets: Committed to high quality and sustainability goals, TISERT modernised its entire production line with new technology machines in 2020. It continues to grow with its own brands, which are now recognized in many countries, and with special production products made in line with the requests.

2. Production of pet food for birds and rodents: Apart from accessories production, the company has bird and rodent food production facility. By anticipating the evolving challenges of the international pet industry, adopting an innovative understanding based on productivity, TISERT continues to achieve excellent results in this sector.

3. Marketing own brands over 30 countries: Mio, Beaks, Chuck, Oniks, Aquawe… With these five unique brands, the company value on improving quality and enhancing the range of products every day in order to be able to satisfy the needs, expectations and desires of its customers in a best possible way.

4. Distribution of worldwide brands in Turkish market: While it contributes to placing of Turkish products in the global pet industry with its manufactured products, TISERT continues to bring high quality and patented technology products manufactured abroad for the users in Turkey.